AT-3000 Charging Specifications

This article defines the time required to completely recharge the internal battery of an AT-3000 device and provides recharge rates at different time intervals.

Full Charge

The AT-3000 takes approximately 7-8 hours to fully charge from a dead battery. In the first four hours, the battery will charge up to about 80% at full charging mode then switches to a lower charging mode for the remaining 20%.

Battery Capacity and Drain

The AT-3000’s battery capacity is 5200mAh. When running on the internal battery only, the device draws ~90mA @ 12V and ~45mA @ 24V of current from the battery. The actual drain on the battery varies depending on the device’s configuration and activity.

Charge Estimates

The below represents generalized estimates for the amount of charge required in relation to device activity:

Device Activity (in minutes) Battery Usage Charge Required
5 7mAh ~1-2 minutes
30 45mAh ~5-10 minutes
60 90mAh ~10-15 minutes
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