My ST-1100 Stopped Working

Depending on the type of issue(s) you’re experiencing, you may need to perform a device reset or prepare the device for a full battery recharge. If the issue(s) persists after you have completed the applicable steps, verify the device’s battery is charged, and contact Technical Support with as much information as possible issue(s) and be prepared to discuss steps you have taken to resolve the issue.

Reset the Device

Perform this reset process if your device is not functioning properly and you have verified the battery’s level is greater than 6.5V. If the battery level reads 6.5V or less, please follow the steps listed under Recharge the Battery.

This process requires a CUP magnet, which can be purchased at any hardware store or online.

The placement of this CUP magnet is crucial to making this reset process work. Place it exactly as noted in the instructions and shown in the image below.

To reset the device:

  1. Place the CUP magnet on the device, just above the GPS Insight sticker and position it between the globe icon and the letter G.
  2. Keep the CUP magnet in this area for 55-65 seconds, and then remove it.
  3. The device will begin resetting.

Recharge the Battery

The ST-1100 uses a solar panel to help keep the device’s internal battery at operating level. If the battery level drops below 6.5V, the device’s battery will need to be separated from the device and placed in the sun to recharge.

The battery level for this device can be found under the Voltage column in the Performance Report.

To recharge the device battery:

  1. Use a 9/64 HEX key (Allen key) to loosen the 2 HEX screws.
  2. Pull apart the two pieces, and collect the two nuts. Place the two nuts in a safe place so they are not lost.
  3. Place the solar panel portion of the device in the sun for three to four days.
  4. After about four days, the device will reset and will be ready to reconnect and reinstall. When you run the Performance Report again, the device should report at or above 7.2V.