ST-1100 Battery Charging System

The ST-1100 Battery Charging System is designed to recharge GPS Insight ST-1100 batteries.

Before You Begin

  • This charging system is limited to ST-1100 only
  • It is not possible to overcharge using this charger as the battery pack contains two separate cells and an internal control circuit.
  • This charger (power supply) is only providing power (wattage) to the onboard battery charger inside the battery pack.
  • It is normal for the battery pack to raise in temperature slightly during charging. Disconnect the charger from wall power when not in use, this will prolong the lifespan.
  • It will not damage the packs to be “topped off” after sitting in the sun however, if they are provided enough sunlight, we doubt they will need to be.
  • Do not ingest any part of the charger or its components.

Installation Overview

  1. Plug In
  2. Slide Battery into Place
  3. Check Amperage
  4. Fully Charged Pack

Installation Steps

  1. 1. Plug In

    Plug the charger into a 110-120vac 60hz outlet.

    • Red LED will illuminate if power is present at the outlet

  2. 2. Slide Battery into Place

    Slide the ST-1100 battery into place.

    Bolts will not be used, they remain in the battery but do not tighten to the charger.

  3. 3. Check Amperage

    In this example, the battery is drawing .66amps. or 660 milliamps.

    • This is a normal reading for a depleted battery pack. Expect 12-15 hours to fully charge from here.

  4. Fully Charged Battery Pack. Installation

    The battery pack is fully charged when the Amperage reading (current draw) is .02A or less.

    Fully charged battery packs should be removed from the charger and placed in the sun. This will maintain the packs and keep them ready for use.

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