TT-2200 FAQ

Questions about the TT-2200? Check out the below.

TT-2200 Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Does the device require an external antenna to be connected and installed? No, the device is equipped with internal GPS and satellite antennas, still requiring the device be installed outside and within clear view of the sky.
Is there a backup battery for the device? If so, what is the estimated life of the battery? The device works entirely off internal battery power via 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries. Estimated battery life varies based on the report configuration:
• 1 msg/day = ~750 days
• 2 msgs/day = ~500 days
• 3 msgs/day = ~400 days
• 6 msgs/day = ~200 days
What type of data does the device collect and send to the software solution? Data reported is limited to location updates only; updates are dependent on the number of updates requested upon purchase: options include up to 6 updates per day
Does the device collect diagnostics? If so, provide a list of available diagnostics. No, the device does not collect or report vehicle diagnostic data.
Are there different diagnostic cables required? No, diagnostic cables do not apply to this device.
How is the device installed? What installation steps are taken to conceal the device or prevent tampering? The device should be installed per the installation guide by securing and affixing it to an asset in clear view of the sky.
Can the device be covertly installed, where a clear view of the sky is not guaranteed? As a satellite-only device, when the device loses clear visibility to the sky, it presents the potential for device updates to be lost or missed.

Additionally, battery life can be negatively impacted as the device works harder to acquire a solid GPS signal. It's for these reasons we do not recommend this type of installation due to the potential for lost data and/or diminished battery life.
Is the wiring harness similar to the GPSI-3900/GPSI-4000 wiring harnesses in terms of color-coding? There is currently no wiring harness applicable to this device.
What carriers are supported for the device? This device is carrier agnostic and reports entirely through global satellite communications.
Does the device support accessory features? No, there are currently no accessory features supported with this device.
Can specific data collected by the device (e.g., DTCs) be prioritized over other types of data collected by the device in case of low connection? No, not at this time.

In the instance where the device is unable to connect or maintains low satellite connectivity, the device does NOT store and forward; any data that is unable to be sent will be dismissed by the device.
How many points are stored by the device in case cellular/satellite connection is lost? No data is able to be stored.
Is there an option for switching from cellular to satellite-based on connectivity availability?
For example, If a device operating on satellite connectivity enters an area where cellular is available, will the device automatically switch to operating on cellular connectivity to keep data transmitting in real-time?
No, there’s currently no similar option for this device type.
Describe the device’s encryption technology. There’s currently no encryption technology used for this device by default.
What are the available ping rates for the device? 1-6 pings per day, with 2 and 4 pings being default options and extra pings available with pricing.
How are hardware patches transmitted to the device, if necessary? Once deployed the device is unable to receive any updates; any configuration updates need to be applied through physical connection.
Is it IP rated? Yes, the device is rated IP68, rated as dust resistant and can be immersed in 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.
Can this device be installed in a non-powered asset? Yes, the primary use for this device is for non-powered assets.
What is the memory capacity of the device? The equipped chip is an ON Semiconductor integrated chip for satellite transmissions which includes 64kB FLASH and 8.25kB RAM.
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