Unit Verification App

With the GPS Insight Unit Verification App (iOS | Android), you no longer have to call in to verify your installation. The application allows you to quickly verify the installation of the GPS device as well as register the device for immediate viewing within the portal.

The screenshots within this guide are specific to the iOS Verification App. The steps and interface are the same for iOS and Android.

Before You Begin the Verification Process

  • When you have finished installing the GPS device and have connected it to power, verify that both LED status lights (green and amber) are bright and steady. Allow two full minutes for the unit to connect and receive its initial configuration.
  • If either one of the LED status lights remains flashing, please be sure the device’s antenna has a clear view of the sky (i.e., not in a garage). If either light continues to flash, please contact our 24-hour Support team for further assistance.
  • Have complete access to the device and the following pieces of information:
    • Install Key
    • Device model number (i.e., GPSI-3900EV)
    • Access to scan 10-digit electronic serial number (ESN) of the GPS device.
    • Users cannot scan the ST and TT devices. Drop the prefix only.

Verifying Your Installation

The verification process contains several steps:

  1. Enter data.
  2. Verify ignition on.
  3. Verify add ons.
  4. Verify ignition off.
  5. Verify accessory position.
  6. Register the device.

  1. 1. Enter data.

      1. The app requires a number entries; anything marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in, or you will not be able to proceed.
        Data Type Description
        Installation Key The Installation Key is a unique numerical key that is provided by our Installation Department. This key is specific to the customer and is requirement to access the next step in the verification process. If you do not have this key, please contact our 24-hour Support team for further assistance.

        Serial Number This number is the ESN on the white label found on the back of the GPS device. The serial number faces up on the GPSI-5000.

        Tapping inside of the Serial Number field activates the camera.

        After giving permission for the app to access the camera, point the camera over the device’s white sticker, and the app automatically scans and inserts the serial number of the device.

        Verify that the Serial Number captured matches the ESN on the device before moving forward. If the number does not match, tap inside the field, and manually enter the serial number using your app’s key pad.
        Device Type You can find the Device Type next to the logo on the white label of the device.

        Device Accessories (optional) Select each accessory that applies to this installation.

        Do not check an accessory if it is not currently wired to the device.

    The device needs to be connected to power, both lights (green and amber) are solid, for a minimum of two minutes before proceeding.

      1. Tap the Next button when finished.

  2. 2. Verify ignition on.

      1. Turn the key to ON position.
      2. When vehicle is on and running, tap the Verify Now button.

  3. 3. Verify accessories.

    Accessories are additional features that can be attached to the GPS device for monitoring purposes; DriverID, Input(s) and Remote Panic are the only verifiable accessories.

  4. 4. Verify ignition off.

    After the application has verified ignition on and accessories (if applicable), it instructs you to turn off the ignition.

    1. Verify the key is in the OFF position.
    2. Tap the Verify Now button to confirm the ignition off event.

  5. 5. Verify accessory position.

    The final verification step in this process is to confirm the device does not see a false ignition on event. If the device sees ignition on in accessory position, this could lead to falsely reported idle times.

    Push To Start vehicles differ in how to get to accessory; refer to owners manual.

    1. Verify the key is in the ACCESSORY position.

    The key position for Accessory varies by vehicle:

    1. Tap the Verify Now button to confirm the accessory position.

  6. 6. Register the device.

    After the verification process, the app allows you to Register or Transfer the device. This process allows the customer to easily track and manage the device immediately after installation. There are several pieces of information that are required before you can complete the registration process.

    Tap the Transfer button to indicate the unit was previously installed in another vehicle.

      1. Enter the Vehicle Label.

    The Vehicle Label is the vehicle identifier within the GPS Insight portal. This is typically the number on the truck or given to you by the customer.

    Do not use special characters in vehicle label field.

      1. Enter the VIN.

    The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is often found on driver’s door jam or forward most corner of driver’s side dashboard. In most cases, if you enter the VIN correctly, the Year, Make, and Model fields in the app populate automatically.

      1. Enter the current odometer reading.

      1. Enter the vehicle run time in hours.

      1. Choose the country in which the vehicle is licensed.

      1. Choose the state in which the vehicle is registered.

      1. Enter the license plate number for the vehicle.

      1. Enter the color of the vehicle.

      1. Enter the year, make, and model of the vehicle. These fields are most often automatically populated when the VIN is entered (from step #2 above).

      1. Enter the size of the engine (used to calculate the Idle GPH on emissions reports). If unknown, leave blank.

      1. Enter what type of fuel the vehicle consumes.
      2. Enter the fuel capacity for the vehicle.
      3. Enter your name (installer).
      4. Enter the name of your installation company.
      5. If you contacted Support at any point during this process, please enter the Support Representative’s name as the Verifier.
      6. Enter any relevant notes to this installation. Please be sure to include a case number if you called into Technical Support.
      7. Tap the Submit button.

  7. 7. Registration complete.

    When the system has finished processing the request, a notification is displayed: Registration Successful! The unit is now available to view and manage within the GPS Insight portal.

    Upon clicking submit, you may need to wait for 15-20 seconds before you see a pop up stating ‘Registration Successful.’


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