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Driveri Frequently Asked Questions

What is Driveri™?
The Driveri camera provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of drivers’ activity through a blend of real-time positive driving notifications and best practice identification.

By being able to capture the driver’s full-day, managers have more visibility into the challenges they face. The system notifies managers of driving behaviors that may need to be changed, but more importantly identifies when to reward drivers on all the hours, days, weeks of great driving.

What is the purpose of the program?
Driving is one of the riskiest things you do on a daily basis. The main goal of the Driveri™ program is to prevent collisions by identifying and correcting unsafe behaviors before they lead to a collision. The program gives you a holistic view of your driving experience in identifying and correct any bad habits, while focusing on the amount of time you spend driving safely.

Many times, collisions are based on inaccurate eye-witness accounts, often pointing the finger at the vehicle associated with a company. Video provides an unbiased view that can exonerate you if you were in an incident that was not your fault.

What are the benefits for me?
It is capturing every aspect of the driving experience, rather than a sample of time, delivering a full picture of your route. Driveri’s, GreenZone™ monitors daily driving and sends a notification when you have reached a milestone. This allows your manager to recognize great driving with confidence or gives them the ability to intervene if at-risk conditions are present.

Without video, drivers involved in a traffic incident are subject to false claims and often assigned the blame for the incident. With the Driveri device you have an unbiased video showing what happened from both sides and outside the vehicle – many times exonerating the driver.

Since outside video is always being captured, this allows you to request video that may be helpful to identify some of the following:

  • You showed up at a site and could not gain access.
  • Provide feedback about routes or timing of deliveries.
  • Road-rage by another driver.
  • Exonerate you if there is a false claim that you had done something wrong or reverse an inaccurate traffic violation.
  • Capturing low-force collisions, such as mirrors being clipped by passing motorists.

If an alert event is rejected will that influence the driver’s GreenZone score?
Yes, rejecting an event will negatively or positively impact the driver’s score based on the event type that’s rejected. Scores are generally updated within 3 hours of the rejection.

How does the device work?
The device contains a QuadHD video system.

The device is always recording while the vehicle is on; however, only one-minute videos are uploaded if a violation or unsafe driving maneuver is identified and two-minutes videos if a high g-force event is triggered.

The device uses artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerometer-based forces to capture erratic movement to the vehicle, other vehicle maneuvers, markers on the road, signs, speed, and other driving situations. If the device identifies an unsafe maneuver or if you avoided a collision, a video will be created, immediately uploaded, and depending upon your organization’s settings, a real-time alert may notify your manager.

The device can store up to 50 hours of videos from both inward and outward cameras and can be requested by an authorized user in your organization. Once the memory is full, the oldest data will start to be overwritten.

Is it on all the time?

  • The outward and camera is recording and saving data when the vehicle is turned on and for ~ 3 minutes after the vehicle has been shut off.
  • The inside view is on when the vehicle is in motion, but is disabled and enters “privacy mode” when the vehicle stops moving for 3 minutes.

How does the camera report its device health when the vehicle is inactive?
The Driveri Device wakes up every 3 hours for 6 minutes and uploads basic device health information. Heavy operations do not work during this period. Only minimum light functions can run and thus use a minimum amount of current to conserve the battery in the vehicle.

If the vehicle isn’t driven for 7 consecutive days then the device stops reporting at the periodic wake-up interval, ensuring that the vehicle battery is not affected when the vehicle is stationary for long periods.

When a driver initiates an event by pressing the button on the camera, what amount of time is captured/sent (e.g., how many seconds are capture prior to the button press, and how many seconds after)?
About 30 seconds on each side for a minute. There are factors that may impact the triggering point, such as other triggers within close proximity to the button press.

What cellular connectivity is supported by Driveri?
LTE Connectivity – Driveri offers Cat4 LTE connectivity and GPS tracking through the bundled connectivity module which connects to Sprint network on LTE bands B25, B26 and B17. The Cat4 LTE technology offers unparalleled upload/download speeds and provides real time statistics to fleet managers.

Does the use of the Driveri™ program create a new set of driving policies?
No. The Driveri™ program does not create any new policies. It is intended to improve driving safety, compliance with company policies, and recognize safe driving behaviors. Most unsafe driving behaviors and violations are usually included in already existing company policies.

Why do I not have access to all Driveri features referenced in the Help Center?
Driveri features are separated by protection plans. To learn more or upgrade, contact your Account Manager.

How do I “tag” a video alert to my manager?
On the bottom of the device there are two buttons. If you want to immediately ‘TAG’ a video, press either button. Upon pressing either button, a 1-minute video alert will be ‘TAGGED’ to be preserved. After two minutes, a notification will be automatically populated on the Customer Portal. The video will also appear in your profile on the Driveri dashboard.

Who can view the video?
Only authorized personnel have access to the secure Driveri™ portal.

Is there a limit to the number of video events automatically sent to the portal without having to create a manual request?
Yes. Users can expect up to 30 video events per vehicle per month. All other video events must be manually requested and will count against the event requests total (10/veh/mo.).

Is this used to spy or embarrass me?
No. The Driveri™ device cannot be triggered remotely. The purpose is to identify any poor driving habits that need to be changed, to be able to see what happened in a critical situation, and in most cases, Driveri™ creates notifications alerting your manager of good driving.

Is this going to be used to fire me?
The program is not intended to be used to terminate drivers. It is a tool to identify unsafe driving habits as well as identifying the amount of good driving that occurs during your route.

Can I use the system to communicate with dispatch or my supervisor?
No. The system only captures and sends data.

How does the system determine ‘minutes analyzed’?
The logic behind the minutes analyzed for a driver is if a vehicle speed is > 2mph at least for one second, then we consider that minute as a driving minute.

How does the Driveri camera help mitigate power draw on a vehicle’s battery?
The camera is always monitoring for external voltage and will automatically shut down when the external voltage drops below 10V.

How long does the voltage have to be at 10V for the camera to shut down, and at what voltage does the camera turn back on?
The camera needs to see 10V or lower for at least 30 seconds for it to trigger shut down, and will not power back on until voltage returns to +10V and either the next regular wake up or next Ignition On is triggered.

What are the Power Draw guidelines and electrical characteristics for Driveri?
See: Driveri Power Draw Guidelines

Is there a voltage limitation to the Driveri installation?
Yes, there is a 17v voltage threshold built into the camera that forces it to shut down and protect itself in instances where there may be a bad voltage regulator or some other external cause for the voltage to be higher than the typical 12v operating system.

Camera Hardware and Software:

  • Frames per Sec: 30fps
  • Camera & Field of View:
    – Outward Camera 74° (Horizontal), 57° (Vertical), 90° (Diagonal)
    – Inward Camera 148° (Horizontal), 80° (Vertical), 168° (Diagonal)
  • Network Provider: Sprint/T-Mobile

What do the lights mean on the device?