About Driveri Hub-X

Driveri Hub-X is an accessory to the Driveri safety camera(s), enabling fleets of any size to expand their visibility inside and outside any type of vehicle. Supporting up to four cameras, Driveri Hub-X drastically reduces your fleet’s blind spots and takes the effectiveness of your safety camera program to a whole new level.

Typical deployments include buses, tractor/trailers, box trucks, garbage trucks, and other “larger” vehicles where added visibility can provide greater context for safety and exoneration purposes.

Camera Options and Locations

Auxillary Camera Options

For auxiliary cameras, the Hub-X offers four selections:

  • Left-side camera, facing rear of vehicle
  • Right-side camera, facing rear of vehicle
  • Rear-facing camera, placed at the back of the vehicle/trailer
  • Internal dome camera, placed on the roof/dome of the interior

Camera Location Benefits

Depending on a fleet’s requirements, deployments will include:

  • Left and Right-side cameras: This orientation is great for fleets with long trailers, where wide turns can introduce potential safety or material damage concerns.
  • Rear-facing camera: This camera orientation can be a benefit for fleets where drivers have minimal (or completely hindered) views of the rear of the vehicle for if/when they are reversing.
  • Internal camera: This type of camera can be used in various situations, though generally we’ve seen this in the patient compartment of an ambulance or the storage cab of a delivery truck, to gain additional visibility into the actions taking place inside the vehicle.

Sample Videos

Sample Camera Orientations

Viewing Videos

Once the Driveri Hub-X is deployed, user with appropriate permissions can see video feeds within every Driveri event-generated video, along with manual clips/requests, allowing fleets to capture the full 360° view of their vehicle/asset enabling them to take action if and when needed.