Requesting an Event

If you are unable to locate an event within the Driveri dashboard, you can request a Driver Event following the instructions below.

Video events can be requested at no charge, but there are reasonable limits for data management purposes.

Request a Driving Event

Complete the steps to request a Driving Event in the Driveri Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the left side menu, and click on the Event Access icon.
  2. Once the Event Access screen opens, click on the Create New Request button.

  3. Enter the applicable information into the Create a New Request fields.
  4. Once complete, you will see the vehicle’s active events on the map.
  5. Click on a number to expand the events.
  6. Click on the event you were searching for, then click on Add to Cart.
  7. Once you click Add to Cart, the icon will turn Red and you will see a shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner showing the number of videos you have selected.
  8. You can also request videos based on time. Select the “list” view option to see video clips sorted by time:
  9. Click on the shopping cart.
    • All selected videos will show here.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select or write your reason for the request and click on Submit Request.
  12. Once complete, you will be taken back to the Event Access Screen where the video is being processed:
  13. After the vide fully processes, you (the customer) will receive an email stating that the video event is ready to be viewed.