About Driveri Live Stream

Live Streaming is an add-on feature available at an additional cost with Driveri. This feature allows a user with the appropriate permissions to request Live Streaming sessions (available in 1-minute increments) to a vehicle’s inward-facing or outward-facing camera (depending on selection). When enabled, this feature is accessible via the Live Tracking page of the Driveri Portal.

Available Quota

The quota is pooled minutes among the vehicles in your fleet and is the sum of 15 minutes per device per month. You can view consecutive 1-minute Live Stream sessions until you reach your quota.

Please refer to the Driveri Live Streaming FAQ for additional information concerning quota.

You can view the amount of minutes you have used and your quota total by hovering your mouse over a vehicle listing in the Live Tracking page of the Driveri Portal.

Using Live Streaming

How to Live Stream:

  1. In the Driveri Portal, click the Live Tracking icon () in the left-hand navigation to open the Live Tracking page.
  2. The Live Tracking page is shown.

  3. Locate the vehicle for which you would like to live stream using the vehicle listing on the left or the Search for Vehicle field.
  4. Hover your mouse over the Live Stream button for the vehicle.
  5. A pop-up displays showing the Live Streaming Quota and camera view options.

  6. Select the camera view you would like for the Live Stream: Inward or Outward.
  7. The request is sent to the camera and an audible notification alerts the driver that a Live Stream session is in progress. The 1-minute Live Stream session begins.

    If the camera cannot be reached (e.g., the vehicle ignition is off, etc.,), the 1-minute session will not count against your quota.

  8. At the 48-second mark, a prompt appears asking if you would like to request an additional minute of live streaming. If you would like to continue, click Request Another Minute. If you do not click the button, your live-streaming session ends at the 1-minute mark automatically.

    You may close the live stream at any time by clicking the “X” in the top right corner or closing the player at the end of the streaming minute; however, the full 1-minute session counts against your quota.