Driveri GreenZone Score

The GreenZone Score summarizes safe driver behavior down to a single number. The GreenZone Score is computed based on the Driver’s General Events, Alerts (risk factors), and DriverStars. The GreenZone Score is computed for three different periods, i.e., daily, weekly, and monthly.

What is GreenZone Scoring Used For?

The GreenZone Score is designed to improve the safety of the driver and vehicle. It tracks the change in driving behavior over time. It also compares the drivers within the same fleet to determine the various needs related to coaching, feedback, and incentives.

Drivers need to achieve minimum analyzed minutes threshold over a period, i.e., Daily up to 30 mins, Weekly up to 100 mins, Monthly up to 400 mins to compute their GreenZone Score as well as alerts and DriverStars on the dashboard.

How are Scores Calculated?

The GreenZone Score is calculated once the driver accumulates a sufficient number of minutes. More specifically, the GreenZone Score is not computed until sufficient criteria are met; and after that score is updated continuously to track the driver’s performance.

The GreenZone Score is made up of several factors:

  • Each factor is determined by the positive and negative events corresponding to that factor and a driver can cause the score to go back up by accumulating more positive events.
  • For every factor to have an impact on GreenZone Score, a minimum number of events related to that factor should be accumulated.
  • For example, making complete stops at stop signs causes the stop sign factor of GreenZone Score to go up, provided the driver has encountered a minimum number of stop signs as required. Similarly, driving in traffic while maintaining a safe following distance would cause the following distance factor of the GreenZone Score to go up. And so on.

Every violation is of two types Moderate and Severe. The ratio of Moderate and Severe violations with respect to the total violations caused also impacts how the GreenZone Score is calculated.