Driveri Drive Time Assignment

Drive time can be associated with a driver by using information from multiple sources. Different customers may use one or more of these depending upon their use case.

The different sources of driver assignment information are prioritized as follows (Listed in order of Lowest to Highest Priority):

  1. Vehicle Association Based Assignment
  2. Visual Login Based Assignment
  3. Beacon Based Assignment
  4. Driveri App-Based Assignment
  5. API Based Assignment
  6. Manual Assignment

Thus, the system assigns a drive time to a driver based on any of the sources above. However, the data can be updated if a higher priority source sends new information.

Vehicle Association Based Assignment

When a vehicle is associated with a specific driver, it is known as Vehicle Association Based Assignment. In this case, all drive time from the vehicle is assigned to the specified driver.

Visual Login System Based Assignment

VLS (Visual Login System) recognizes the driver by scanning the face of the person driving, when the inward camera is enabled, and then verifying this information against a database in Driveri Cloud in order to identify the driver.

Visual Login Training and Feedback

VLS system improves over time, as it sees more faces. To reduce initial errors, some training must be done before enabling FACE as a driver-login source. This is done by auto-mapping persons to drivers in GPS Insight, and by sending auto feedback to VLS.

VLS is a continuous auto-learning process. When the user assigns the Unassigned Drive time to a Driver, the images are automatically mapped by VLS to that Driver. This results in VLS becoming adept at identifying the same driver in the future.

Auto feedback is generated by using another driver-login source (Manual, API, App, Beacon, etc.) of higher or lower priority. A driver-login entry is relevant to a face-image if they are from the same vehicle, and the time span of the driver-login includes the timestamp of the face-image.

Beacon Based Assignment

We issue a Bluetooth beacon to customers who are interested in this mechanism of driver assignment. Each beacon can be assigned to one driver who then carries the beacon while driving. It’s important to ensure that the process is adhered to by the drivers, to make sure drive times are assigned correctly.

Driveri App Based Assignment

The Driveri Device will automatically detect the driver details based on the login credentials used in the Driveri App.

How it works and Expectations from Driver:

  • Remain logged in to the app, at all times. This should work where the drivers use a dedicated phone. In case, they use a shared phone, they should login at the beginning of the trip and remain logged in as long as they are driving.
  • Mobile device Bluetooth and Location must be on before starting the trip and must remain on throughout the drive time.

API Based Assignment

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programs.

In API-based login the driver is mapped with the specific API database. The driver updates his Hours of service in the API and the data is uploaded to its servers. Driveri Cloud has integrated with the customer’s API provider to access the driving data. The data is mapped for the Drive Time using Driver Id and Vehicle Id.

Manual Assignment

The Safety Manager can assign unknown drive time to a driver. Based on these driver assignments the driver login details are identified. The details of the driver login can be changed by uploading a CSV file with details or by performing inline edits for any known or unknown drive time. The unknown drive time is manually assigned to a driver.

Every time an assignment is done or modified also affects the GreenZone Score, Coaching Session, Alerts, etc. of the selected driver.