Driveri D-430 FAQ

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Driveri D-430 Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is Netradyne Driveri? For General Driveri questions, see: Driveri – FAQ
What is the Fleet manager experience with D-430, is it any different from D-410? Alert Cards – Capturing videos/alerts from outward, inward and side cameras will be identical. Alert previews will also be similar to what is available on D-410.

• The D-430 inward camera has a better sensor, and the inward camera images are better than the D-410.
Can a Fleet use a mix of D-410, D-430, and D-210? Yes, there should not be an issue. The alerts raised by respective Driveri will be uploaded to the dashboard and views will be based on quad-camera (D-430/D-410) and dual camera (D-210)

• Fleet settings around privacy mode, post-ignition off, etc. will continue on any Driveri deployment
Is there anything different for the Driver using D-430 over D-410? Functionally the LED lights, driver alert buttons, privacy mode, and the quad-camera function is the same for the Driver between D-410 and D-430.

• The in-cab audio alerts are identical to what is offered on D-410 and D-210. However, the audio quality is better since better speaker components are used in the newer D-430.
Is the installation of D-430 different? The installation of D-430 should be no different than that of D-410- instead of using just a GPS antenna on D-410, you are using a separate GPS/Wireless Module with its cable (similar to the D-210).
• Having a separate module will provide installer flexibility to ensure no obstruction for GPS/Wireless module.

• In case of GPS or SIM issues (not able to connect) then RMA would be just for the GPS/Wireless module (and not the entire D-430 unit) so this should simplify RMA due to connectivity issues
Can a customer leverage D-410 install and replace D-410 with D-430? Yes, since the mount and power/adaptor cables are the same, the customer can leverage that. However, the D-430 uses a different connector cable (since GPS/Wireless module was added) compared to D-410 and we plan to build an adaptor soon to make this seamless.
Is Wake on Motion (WoM) available for D-430 for an easy install option? As of now WoM feature is available only on the D-210
What if my customers are waiting for new D-410s and D-410 replacements? D-430s will ship as the default hardware for any and all instances where a D-410 is requested/required.