Driveri Portal User Roles

There are seven available types of standard roles for Driveri users in the portal. The seven roles include:

  • Tenant Safety Manager
  • Tenant Super User
  • Safety Coordinator 1
  • Safety Coordinator 2
  • Auditor
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Installer
Role Description
Tenant Safety Manager A Tenant Safety manager can manage drivers, coach drivers, and generally have access to all safety-related data relating to the Driveri® system. Below are the activities that a Safety Manager User can perform:

– Add, update or delete Drivers, Vehicles, etc.
– Associate Devices to Vehicles when a device is installed
– View GreenZone® score of the fleet, most frequent alerts, drivers with highest and lowest GreenZone score
– View alerts and alert videos generated by drivers
– Share or un-share an alert with the driver
– Request an alert video
– Reject an alert
– Convert alerts to DriverStar or Neutral event
– Request non-alert videos available on vehicle
– Add comments against an alert to be viewed by the driver
– View driving statistics and frequent alerts of individual drivers
– Manage Coaching Sessions
– Add or view notes in the Device Summary page for any device
– Add, modify, and manage the Driver Groups
Tenant Super User The Tenant Super User is likely the owner of the user account. This user can perform all actions that allowed for a customer in the Portal. The user can do everything that a Tenant Safety Manager performs. In addition, Tenant Super User can also perform the following actions:

– Create or edit all seven types of users
– Modify configurations for Alerts, App Settings, and Camera Settings
– Create/edit custom roles
Safety Coordinator 1 Users with this role can perform all functions that a Tenant Safety Manager can perform, except for the following:

– Reject an alert or convert an alert
– Create/edit Driver Groups
– Download and share any video with third parties
Safety Coordinator 2 Users with this role can perform all functions that a Safety Coordinator 1 can perform, in addition to the following:

– Create and edit other users with the roles of Safety Coordinator 2, Safety Coordinator 1, and Operations Coordinator
– Create Driver Groups and manage Driver memberships in these groups  
– Request and share full or trimmed Alert and Event Access videos
– View Fleet configurations
Auditor Users with this role can view, request, and share alerts/videos as well as view alert-related statistics. Only Tenant Super User and Tenant Safety Manager roles can add users to the Auditor role. The Auditor role can perform the following tasks:

– Request/Download Trimmed Videos
– Share Videos with Third Parties
– Request Event Access Videos
– Request and View Alerts and Alert Videos
– View Driving Statistics
Operations Coordinator Users with this role can manage the following operational aspects of the Fleet:

– Fleet Admin tab in Dashboard
– Driver Assignments
– The accessible features of Provisioning and Configurations are the following: Device Summary, Create new Drivers and edit Driver Information, Create new Vehicles and edit Vehicle Information, Associate or disassociate Vehicles/Drivers/Devices, Read-only access to Manage Groups and add or remove driver from Manage Drivers
– Vehicle Locator
– Login and access Driveri Installer App (cannot login to Driveri App)
Installer An Installer is the field engineer responsible for device installation in the vehicles. Users with this role can associate devices to vehicles when a device is installed.