Driveri Live Streaming FAQ

Questions about Driveri Live Streaming? Check out the below.

Driveri Live Streaming Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Is there a limit to how long I can watch the live stream? You can view consecutive 1-minute Live Stream sessions until you reach your quota. The quota is 15 minutes per device per month.
Does Live Stream automatically stop after 1 minute or do I need to initiate the request again to continue seeing the live stream? You can continue the live stream by clicking the button that appears at the top of the player at the 48-second mark. Doing so places the next session in the queue so it can start another 1-minute session when the current session ends.
Will my quota change when Event Access can be pulled for 5 minutes (vs. 5 one-minute increments) alongside this? In other words, if I request a 1-minute Live Stream session, is that video offloaded like an event access request? The Live Stream quota is separate from the Event Access Quota, so requesting live streaming sessions will not reduce the number of videos you may request via Event Access.
Which devices support Live Stream Live Stream is available now on the D210 and D-410 devices.
Can I request more than 15 minutes of 1-minute Live Stream sessions for one vehicle if I have more than one device in my fleet? Yes, with pooled minutes you can live track for longer than 15 minutes per month with one vehicle as long as the total Live Stream minutes do not exceed 15 minutes times the number of vehicles in the fleet.
Can I request Live Stream sessions in times less than a 1-minute interval such as 15 seconds, 30-seconds, etc.,? Not at this time. One minute is a standard period of time and is long enough to provide context to what is happening during the Live Stream session. If you request to live stream and the request is accepted 1 minute will be counted toward your quota even if you exit out of the live stream in less than 1 minute.
Can I purchase more time for my quota or a higher quota? Not at this time. However, if this is possible in the future, we will let you know.
Can I convert a Live Stream to a stored alert? No, Live Stream sessions are not recorded. However, you could request the video from Event Access for the same day and time.