Driveri Portal Not Showing Alerts

If you are unable to view camera event alerts from the Driveri Portal, the following troubleshooting steps walks you through checking Driveri Portal Configurations.

Checking Driveri Portal Configurations

  1. Navigate to the Driveri Portal and click Alerts from the left-hand menu.
  2. From the Alerts Filter Panel (right-hand side of screen), ensure the Base Alerts tab is selected.
  3. Alerts Filter Panel shown with yellow box around Base Alerts tab title.

  4. Make sure the checkbox next to all alert categories (e.g., Advisory, Sign/Signal Violations, etc.,) are checked.
  5. Yellow boxes around checkboxes next to alert categories showing they are checked.

  6. If any boxes are not checked, please click the checkbox next to the applicable category to check the box.
  7. Checking the box next to all categories will automatically update the Alerts page and display any applicable event alerts. If you are still experiencing an issue seeing alerts, please contact Support.