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Driveri Hub-X Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
What are the requirements for existing camera integration? Cameras will need to be an analog camera capable of being adapted to the GX12 4 pin Aviation connector. The DriveriHub device supports 480, 720, and 1080.
Can units manually paired in the Driveri portal be unpaired using the installer app? No.
Are OTA (over the air) upgrades available? Yes, upgrades only happen when the vehicle exceeds 30mph. This process takes approximately 1 minute. If RMA is required, please contact Support.
How do I confirm the Hub-X is on? The Hub-X, when fully wired and connected, will power on with ignition. To determine if the Hub-X is on, look for the 4 LED’s on the panel opposite to the cable connections. The PWR and SD Card LED’s will glow green, and the ERR LED will blink red. This is normal operation. (ERR Red LED indicates device is recording and working properly when blinking)
How do you troubleshoot a non-working camera? Please see Driveri-Hub-X-Troubleshooting-Guide for a troubleshooting guide.
What does each LED signify? Please refer to the LED State table below.
How do I know if a camera should be installed on the right side, left side, or rear of the asset? The Driveri external cameras have a model number and SKU on the boxes they come in and the cameras themselves have the model number. Please use the following list to identify the installation area:

Left Side Camera: FL-750L, SKU NDSQ720PL
Right Side Camera: FL-750R, NDSQ720PR
Rear Facing Camera: FL-750, SKU NDSQ720PC
Internal "Round" Camera: FL-MC-001, SKU NDR720PA

LED State

LED 1 ERR Red – Blink Connected to Wi-Fi network
LED 2 NET No glow Reserved for future use
LED 3 PWR Green – Solid Device Power ON indicator
LED 4 SD Green – Solid SD card installed
LED 5 IR No glow Reserved for installers – IR activity while using remote

Hub-X Storage

The storage information below is based on use of 720p external cameras.

Driveri Camera Storage Hours (Standalone Driveri) 1 Ext Cam Storage (hr) 2 Ext Cam Storage (hr) 3 Ext Cam Storage (hr) 4 Ext Cam Storage (hr)
D-210 50 50 50 50 50
D-215 100 100 100 100 100
D-410 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100
D-430 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100
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