Driveri Hub-X

Please use the installation guide below.

If you have an existing external camera integration:
External cameras will need to be an analog camera capable of being adapted to the GX12 4 pin Aviation connector. The DriveriHub device supports 480, 720, and 1080.

If you would like to download a copy, use the download icon in the PDF viewer above or click this link: DriveriHub Installation Guide.

Identifying Camera Install Locations

External cameras are shipped with model numbers and SKU on the boxes and the cameras are also labeled with model numbers.

To determine whether a camera is intended to be installed on the right side, left side, inside, or rear of the asset, please use the table below.

Camera Install Location Model Number SKU
Left Side Camera FL-750L SKU NDSQ720PL
Right Side Camera FL-750R NDSQ720PR
Rear Facing Camera FL-750 SKU NDSQ720PC
Inside "Round" Camera FL-MC-001 SKU NDR720PA
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