Driveri: Camera Replacement

Before You Begin

Additional tools and supplies you will need include, smartphone, plastic dash removal tools, 5/32” in. (4 mm) hex tool, a T10 security Torx bit, and a side cutter.

Visit the App store on your smartphone and download the Driveri Installer App.

A valid username and password is required.

Installation Steps

  1. Camera Removal
  2. Replacement Installation
  3. Verify and Secure Installation

  1. 1. Camera Removal.

    1. Cut cable ties, remove the connection cover, and disconnect the power cable from the device.
    2. The antenna is connected to the circuit board. DO NOT attempt to remove.

    3. Remove the a-pillar plastic, cut any cables ties leading to the antenna, and carefully remove the antenna from the dashboard.

    4. While holding the camera, remove the two mounting bracket screws and place the device to the side.

  2. 2. Replacement Installation.

    The internal facing camera has a lens cover and an LED on both sides of the camera lens.

    1. Place the device into the mounting bracket and lightly screw in the mounting bolts. Do not fully tighten down screws as the camera may need to be adjusted in Step 3.
    2. Connect the power harness to the camera and screw cover back into place.
    3. Cable tie the antenna cable to the rear-view mirror wires, route the antenna along the headliner and down the a-pillar securing with cable ties ever foot.
    4. Route the antenna cable between the windshield and a-pillar plastic. Remove the VHB plastic exposing the adhesive, and press the antenna to the dashboard. Once complete, put the a-pillar plastic back into place.

  3. 3. Verify and Secure Installation.

    Locate the smartphone, remaining cable ties, wire cutter, and tamper seal.

    LED Status Description
    LED1 is flashing RED and LED2 is off. Device is booting up.
    LED1 is GREEN and LED2 is off. There is an error. Please contact your GPS Administrator
    LED1 is GREEN and LED2 is GREEN. Privacy mode is off. The driver-facing camera is on and recording.
    LED1 is GREEN and LED2 is RED. Privacy mode is on. The driver-facing camera is off and not recording.
    LED1 is off, solid RED, or flashing RED for more than 30 seconds and LED2 is also off for more than 30 seconds. There is an error. Please contact your manager.

    1. To verify the camera is properly aimed, complete the following steps on your smartphone.
      1. Start the vehicle and open the Driver-i Installer App on your phone.
        1. Turn Ignition On and Click ‘OK’.
          • DO NOT click Connect.
          • After 30 seconds, flashing lights will become solid.
          • Within 120 seconds, lights will start flashing again.
        2. Click connect.
      2. Enter the provided username, password, and device serial number. Once connected, click Camera and check both Road and Driver Cameras.
      3. When aiming the camera, ensure the device is angled properly when a small amount of the hood is visible on standard hood vehicles or level in vehicles with flat nose hoods.
      4. The internal facing camera should not be obstructed by visor. If so, please remount.

        • Standard vehicle hood:
        • Flat nose vehicle hood:

        • Internal facing camera:

      5. Tighten the two mounting bracket screws, and proceed to the ‘Pair Driveri with this Vehicle’ option where you will enter the vehicle and other information before clicking submit and registering the device.
      6. Upon completion of the app, press the Driver Alert button for final verification.

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