Accessory: GPSI-24Vdc to 12Vdc Voltage Converter

This converter is designed for use with our camera solutions when being installed into a 24 Volt vehicle. Only our camera solution requires this 24vdc to 12vdc Voltage Converter. All of our GPS solutions are rated for 24 Volt systems (excluding internal battery only solutions).

The installation kit contains one 24Vdc-12Vdc Voltage Converter, six butt connectors, two self-tapping screws, and two 8 in. (20 cm.) cable ties.

Additional tools needed include a cordless drill, Philips bit, insulated crimper, and wire stripper.

Installation Steps

The following steps provide an overview of the installation process:

  1. Installation preparation.
  2. Voltage Converter mounting.
  3. Connections.

  1. 1. Install Preparation.

    1. Strip the ends of all six wires.
    2. Crimp butt connectors onto all six wires.

  2. 1. Voltage Converter Mounting.

    It is normal for the Voltage Converter to warm up slightly under normal operation. Mount in an area where nothing will come in contact with the heatsink fins.

    Locate cordless drill and screws.

    1. Identify a suitable mounting location for the Voltage Converter, confirm the area directly behind the mounting location is clear and the panel can be put back into place without affecting panel reassembly.
    2. Using the provided screws, secure the Voltage Converter to the vehicle.

  3. 3. Connections.

    1. The Voltage Converter is installed with a camera solution, we suggest it is installed in-line with the power harness. Picture 2 (image of all six wires with butt connectors on ready to go)
    2. Wire colors: Input wires Red: 13-33Vdc Ignition input Black: 13-33Vdc Chassis Ground input Yellow: 13-33Vdc Battery Constant input.
    3. Output wires to the camera solution: Blue: 13.5Vdc Ignition Black: 13.5 Vdc Yellow: 13.5Vdc Battery Constant.
    4. Verify proper installation using the DriverI Installer app as directed in the DriverI installation Guide.

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