Using the iOS Driver App Driver Assign

The Driver Assign feature allows drivers to assign/unassign themselves to/from a vehicle and view assign/unassign history from their iOS mobile devices.

Assigning to a Vehicle

Upon login to the App, the Vehicle Assignment screen displays.

How to assign yourself to a vehicle:

A list will not appear if this is the first time you have logged in to the App or you have not yet assigned any vehicles previously.

  1. Assign a vehicle using one of the following options:

    • 1- Enter the vehicle ID (associated ID in the Portal) in the text field
    • 2- Tap on a vehicle ID from a list of vehicles that you have assigned yourself to previously using the Driver App
    • 3- Tap on the QR code* icon to scan with your mobile device

If you are using the QR code: The first time you tap on the QR code icon, a prompt appears stating: “‘Driver Would Like to Access the Camera.” Tap OK to use the QR code to assign a vehicle. If you select Don’t Allow, you will not be able to scan the QR code and you are returned to the Vehicle Assignment screen. If you would like to enable camera access to the Driver App at a later time, you can make this change in your phone settings.

*If you would like your drivers to use the QR code scan method, you must have QR stickers created that are unique to each vehicle (associated with VIN or Vehicle ID) and affixed to the vehicle.

  1. If you have entered a vehicle ID in the text field (Option 1), tap Assign.

You are now assigned to the vehicle. The Driver App displays:

  • 1- Vehicle ID, DVIR status, vehicle information, and
  • 2- DVIR status on the Vehicle Inspection screen.


Viewing Assign/Unassign History

How to view assign/unassign history:

  1. Tap the Driver icon () at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Driver Info page appears displaying:

  • 1- Your name and vehicle ID.
  • 2- Driver totals for Miles, Hours (Hours:Minutes), Trips, MPG from the last 7 days while assigned to a vehicle.
  • 3- Assign/Unassign history for the last 10 days, includes vehicle ID, date and time stamps.

  1. Scroll down to view all history, if applicable.


Unassigning from a Vehicle

You may unassign yourself from a vehicle from the Vehicle Inspection screen or the Driver Info screen.

You must submit a Post-Trip DVIR before unassigning from a vehicle if you submitted a Pre-Trip DVIR and deemed the vehicle Safe to Operate. You will receive the following message if a Post Trip DVIR is not performed and you attempt to unassign yourself from a vehicle in this situation:

Tap OK and submit a Post-Trip DVIR.

How to unassign yourself from a vehicle:

From the Vehicle Inspection Screen:

  1. Tap on the vehicle ID/vehicle status bar.

    A prompt appears asking: “Leave Vehicle?”

    1. Tap Unassign.

    You are now unassigned from the vehicle.

    From the Driver Info Screen:

    1. Tap on the Driver Name/Vehicle ID bar.

    A prompt appears asking: “Logout of GPS Insight?”

    1. Tap Unassign Current Vehicle.

    You are now unassigned from the vehicle.