Safety Agreement

The most successful fleet management program includes an open and strong line of active communication between management and drivers. Your drivers are an integral part of your investment in your fleet business, helping to keep them is a priority. One way to show this is to establish a clear agreement with rewards and consequences between yourself and your drivers.

As an agreement, there are conditions for both parties to fulfill. Feel free to use the following sample agreement as a stepping stone.


What do you agree to?

Providing Safe Working Conditions

  • Service vehicles regularly (current registration, up-to-date maintenance, etc.,)
  • Include emergency kits (first aid, fire extinguisher, flashlight, etc.,)
  • Be clear that no job is so important that your drivers put themselves at risk

Offering Driver Training or Educational Modules

Additionally, you may want to explore offering incentives or special recognition of drivers who repeatedly score well in monitored driver behavior (e.g., The driver who reduces the most overall fuel usage by avoiding speeding and hard accel/decel events receives a gift card).

What do you want your drivers to agree to?

Driving Safely

  • Be “hands-free.” No cell phones or distracted driving while operating the vehicle
  • Abide by all federal/state laws and internal driving policies (e.g., no speeding, wear seatbelts, no idling, no hard accel/decel
  • Take adequate rest breaks

Treating the Vehicle as a Workspace

  • Conduct pre- & post-trip inspections*
  • Immediately report any vehicle issues
  • No eating, drinking (except water), or smoking in the vehicle

*Ask us about the new GPS Insight Driver App (Pro/Enterprise only) for Android and iOS mobile devices