Customer Success Program

As a premium service available to Standard and Enterprise customers only, the Customer Success Program offers a personalized experience for creating and maintaining the most successful approach to managing your fleet. With this service, you can ensure you have the full knowledge and use of all the valuable tools provided within the GPS tracking product.

This article helps to illustrate and define the benefits and features made available through this premium service, so that whether you’ve already purchased, or are considering purchasing this service, you have a greater knowledge of what this program entails.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have you ever been annoyed with a company or service when you call to discuss your account and find yourself repeating the same requests, concerns, or questions to multiple representatives? Or because you’ve spoken to multiple contacts you find that your wants are never fully addressed, due to confusion or with reps playing “telephone” resulting in a communication breakdown? Having a single dedicated account manager eliminates these issues.

Having a dedicated account manager means that you can communicate with the same person every time you need help. This person will work to answer every question you have, coordinate your requests with other departments (Support, Accounting, etc.), and ensures you have the most accurate up-to-date information for your account.

Assistance Examples

Here are some helpful instances where a dedicated account manager has proven indispensable:

  • Help with running a report or scheduling an alert
  • Submitting new feature requests tailored to an account’s needs and continuing to follow-up on those requests
  • Help with managing integrated solutions such as fuel card or maintenance partners
  • Coordinating detailed issues or concerns for support resolution
  • Clarifying any billing questions

Successful Account Implementation

When an organization begins subscribing to new services, users rarely find a way to utilize the service to the full advantage. This can sometimes be attributed to the service offering so many useful features that after setting up the first few tools the user thinks they’ve got all they need to succeed. The Customer Success Program helps users steer clear of this situation, allowing the organization to realize the service’s full potential by taking advantage of every feature and functionality and guaranteeing immediate and long-term successful results.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to tailor your account’s selected/enabled options, features, and functionalities based on your goals and needs. This can include some of the following:

  • Creating new users and user groups
  • Registering new vehicles/assets and managing them within groups
  • Scheduling reports and alerts
  • Identifying the most useful ad-hoc reports to run and when

Regular Customer Interaction

Sometimes it can feel like you’re managing your fleet on your own, working within the solution without much guidance or understanding. Our program aims to mitigate those feelings by having your dedicated account manager reach out on a regular basis, ensuring all your needs and concerns are still being addressed while also offering to walk you through any new features that may have released since your last communication.

This regular communication can be key in helping to maintain those goals and objectives that were established when your successful implementation first took place, and can even be beneficial in adjusting those goals based on organization growth or change. Ultimately, staying in contact with you helps us make sure you’re happy and successful.

Feature Training and Support

Lastly, by upgrading to the Customer Success Program you can ensure that your entire team is fully aware of all features and thoroughly understands each feature’s functionality. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to schedule training calls, not just with you but with any other managers, drivers, or admins that will use the solution or minimally need to understand the solution.

We aim for complete transparency and understanding when it comes to the services we provide and by completing full training we’re able to help push that transparency and understanding to all who take part in the service within your organization.


As a premium service, the Customer Success Program is indispensable for those with fleets wishing to maximize the services of the GPS tracking solution. If you’ve already chosen to purchase this service then congratulations, and we expect your account manager to reach out any time now! If you’re still curious and would like more information then please don’t hesitate to reach out.