ELD Complete Release July 2023

The following Release Notes announcement is for ELD Complete users.

ELD Complete Updates & Bug Fixes

We’ve had several improvements to the ELD Complete solution over the last few weeks, the following is a list of feature updates and bug fixes that have been issued:

Feature Updates

Reporting – Portal

  • Fuel Receipts: The Fuel Receipts tab now has a new, improved look. and provides the ability to export reports in Excel format. Additionally, users can now search fuel receipts by:
    • Units
    • Driver
    • Carrier (Multiple carrier accounts)
    • Fuel type
    • Terminal
    • Region

IFTA Reporting

The following features are now available for IFTA Reporting:

  • Region filter
  • Users can process adjustments
  • When a fuel receipt is added, it automatically reflects in an adjustment in IFTA

Odometer Jump Report

The following features are now available for the Odometer Jump Report:

  • Added filters
  • Can be exported in Excel format

Exemptions – Managing Drivers

The following exemptions can be managed from the Portal:

  • No logs for Agricultural Operations – 395.1(k)
  • Driver-salesperson whose total driving time does not exceed 40 hours in any period of 7 consecutive days – 395.1(c)
  • Relief from All Driving Rules for Emergency Conditions – 395.1(b)(2)
  • No Logs for Construction Equipment operating within 50-mile radius – 221.025 (8)
  • No Logs for Non-Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • No Logs for CDL short-haul Drivers operating within 150 air miles (14 hour shift) – 395.1(e)(1)
  • No Logs for short-haul Asphalt or Ready-Mixed Concrete Drivers operating within 100 air miles
    395(e)(1) or Non-CDL drivers operating within 150 air miles 395(e)(2)
  • Relief from Driving rules for State of Emergency – 390.23
  • Relief from All Driving Rules for Utility Service Vehicles – 395.1(n)
  • Custom reason