ELD Complete Release April 2023

The following Release Notes announcement is for ELD Complete users.

ELD Complete Updates & Bug Fixes

We’ve had several improvements to the ELD Complete solution over the last few weeks, the following is a list of feature updates and bug fixes that have been issued:

Feature Updates


  • Unidentified records listed for All vehicles
  • New limited MOA type user
  • support users
  • Odometer jump report
  • Certified log improvements


  • Changes in Asset configuration
  • Option to mark driving as “system or user Error”
  • Adverse conditions remark
  • Changes to violation notification
  • VIN length on trailer no longer require validation
  • DVIR signature improvement
  • Fuel receipts upload (BYOD only)
  • Bluetooth improvement

Portal and Application

  • Multi Operating Authority (MOA)
  • Improvement VIN management
  • Short Haul operation rename
  • Added list of US exemptions
  • Personal use and yard moves graph update
  • custom DVIR Form
  • Allow driver to upload documents and photos (BYOD only)

Bug Fixes

  • Co-driver reassignment fix
  • ECM fix while driver is in exemption mode
  • Adding miles to personal use and Yard moves
  • Fix DVIR signature font size