ELD Complete Release October 2023 – Android

The following Release Notes announcement is for Android ELD Complete users (version 254.1).

ELD Complete Updates & Bug Fixes

We’ve had several improvements to the ELD Complete solution over the last few weeks, the following is a list of feature updates and bug fixes that have been issued:

Feature Updates

Enhancements – App & Portal


The odometer is pulled from the last known and valid odometer:

  • If the application is not receiving odometer information from the ECM or the value received is not valid, the application will overwrite this value with the last known valid odometer reading. This information will be editable.
  • Odometer values that are not automatically received will be editable and marked as blue.

New Report

A new report, Uncertified Logs Report, is available and can be filtered by selected time window.

This report shows uncertified logs by driver for the selected timeframe.


  • Michigan 16-hour Road Construction Exemption
    • This new exemption allows an intrastate driver engaged in seasonal construction-related activities to be on duty no more than 70 hours in 7 consecutive days or 80 hours in 8 consecutive days.
    • It also states a driver under this provision cannot drive more than 12 hours or be on duty more than 16 hours on any day.
    • Unlike the old exemption, this new provision does not restrict the driver to a 100-air-mile radius.

Additional Explanation – App

New Alert Messages

  • Selecting Yard Moves: When selecting Yard Moves (YM), the driver must be in ON-DUTY status. An alert message appears prior to selecting Personal Use (PU) stating that the driver must in ON-DUTY status first. See Personal Use and Yard Moves for step-by-step instructions.

  • Personal Use Duty Status Reset: If a driver is in Personal Use (PU) status and restarts the tablet (or CMV engine turns off), a pop-up message requesting the driver confirms the continuation of PU status appears.

    A driver’s indication of a special driving situation must reset to none, if the ELD or CMV’s engine goes through a power-off cycle (ELD or CMV’s engine turns off and then on), except if the driver has indicated authorized personal use of CMV. If the driver has indicated authorized personal use of the CMV, the ELD must require confirmation of continuation of the authorized personal use of the CMV condition by the driver. See Personal Use and Yard Moves for step-by-step instructions.

  • Selecting Personal Use: A driver may only select Personal Use (PU), from OFF-DUTY status. An alert message appears stating that the driver must be in the “ON-Duty” Status first before going into PU.

  • 15-Hour Texas Intrastate Ruleset: Under this ruleset, any period of OFF Duty and Sleeper Berth, are not included on the On Duty No Driving time calculation for the day.

Bug Fixes – App & Portal

The following Bugs have been fixed:

  • Active drivers listed under a carrier were sometimes missing on the HOS Dashboard under that carrier.
  • Support users now have access to MOAs.
  • DVIRs not syncing between mobile devices when drivers logged out of one and into another.
  • System not registering drivers taking a 30-minute break when they have taken the 30-minute break.
  • Older, previously certified logs reappearing on the list of logs available for drivers to certify on the application.