Reviewing Inspections and Documenting Repairs

With GPS Insight DVIR, you can view submitted inspections for your organization and document repairs for any items declared defective on a previous inspection (requires enabled Repair Vehicle Inspection permission).

Viewing Submitted Inspections

From the Inspections page of GPS Insight DVIR, you can view submitted inspections from the current date and previous dates/date ranges. Inspections submitted on the current date are listed by default on the Inspection page.You may use the search field to search submitted inspections for the date/date range selected by driver or unit number.

Depending on your permissions, you may be able to see submitted inspections completed by others in your organization.

How to view submitted inspections for a previous date:

  1. In the GPS Insight DVIR app, tap Inspections.
  2. The Vehicle Inspection page appears.

    Inspection page of the GPS Insight DVIR App

  3. Tap the calendar in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Tapping the calendar icon.

  5. Select your desired date or date range from the following options:
    • Custom
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • This Week
    • Last Week
    • This Month
    • Last Month
  6. Time range options shown.
    Submitted inspections for the selected date/date range are shown.
    List of submitted inspections for time range selected.

  7. Tap Repair Needed to view submitted inspections documenting items requiring repairs only or tap All to view all submitted inspections for the selected time period.
  8. Yellow box around Repairs Needed and All view options.

Documenting Repairs

You can document completed repairs for items marked as defective during a submitted inspection from the Inspections page.

Requires the Repair Vehicle Inspection permission enabled for your account.

How to document a completed repair:

  1. In the GPS Insight DVIR app, tap Inspections.
  2. The Vehicle Inspection page appears.

    Inspection page of the GPS Insight DVIR App

  3. Tap the calendar icon to select your time range (please see above directions for step-by-step instructions.
  4. Tapping the calendar icon.

  5. Tap Repair Needed.
  6. Tapping Repair Needed option.

  7. Tap the applicable submitted inspection.
  8. Tapping submitted inspection with repairs needed.

  9. Tap Next.
  10. Tap Next at bottom of screen.

  11. Tap Repair.
  12. Tap Repair at bottom of screen.
    The Repair page appears.

    Repair page with defects listed and repairs form.

  13. Tap the drop-down under Repair Status for the applicable item and select the applicable status from the following options:
    • Defects Corrected
    • Repair Not Needed
    • Not Repaired
  14. Repair status options appear from drop-down.

  15. If applicable, add the work order number under Work Order.
  16. If applicable, attach a photo of the work order by tapping the camera icon and selecting your image option: Camera (to take a photo) or Gallery (choose an image from your photo library).
  17. If applicable, add any notes from the mechanic under Mechanic Notes.
  18. Under Mechanic Signature, have the mechanic sign electronically to attest to the completion of the repair.
  19. Yellow box around Repair Form fields.

  20. Tap Submit.
  21. Tapping submit at bottom of screen.
    A Confirmation pop-up appears asking you to confirm all the information is correct and complete.

  22. Tap Submit to confirm or Cancel to return to the Repair page.

  23. The Vehicle Inspection page appears showing the completed repair status(es) and corresponding repair form.