About GPS Insight DVIR

The GPS Insight DVIR product (iOS and Android compatible) offers an FMCSA/NSC compliant (US/Canada) DVIR solution designed to electronically record DVIRs and DVIR-related processes completed by admins/managers, drivers, and mechanics.

This product is for fleets that do not fall under HOS requirements but must meet DVIR compliance in US and/or in Canada.

Download the iOS mobile app: GPS Insight DVIR – iOS
Download the Android mobile app: GPS Insight DVIR – Android
Access the Portal: GPS Insight DVIR Portal

Primary Features

Available features are listed below. We have categorized available features by which feature would be most useful based on role.


  • Create custom vehicle inspection templates
  • Access to pre-made vehicle inspection templates
  • Export DVIRS into PDF or Excel in bulk
  • Receive defect notifications
  • Set default vehicle inspection templates by asset type


  • Perform pre-/post-trip or ad-hoc inspections
  • Identify and record defects
  • Prompted to confirm past defects are resolved/repaired
  • Sign/Certify
  • Email and/or present inspections to DOT


  • Attach worker orders and/or vehicle repair information to a DVIR (From Mobile App or Portal)
  • Sign off on repaired defects

Logging In

Logging in to the DVIR product is as easy as opening the GPS Insight DVIR login page, entering your login credentials and tapping Login. If you are accessing the Portal on your computer, navigate to the GPS Insight DVIR Portal at the URL provided above, enter your login credentials, and click Login.

Forgotten Your Password?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, please select the Forgot Password? link. You are prompted to enter your username or email address, then select Request Password Reset. Instructions for resetting your password are sent via email.