Performing Inspections

With GPS Insight DVIR, you can perform pre-trip, post-trip and ad-hoc inspections quickly and efficiently right from your mobile device (iOS and Android compatible).

Performing an Inspection

How to perform an inspection:

  1. From the GPS Insight DVIR app, tap Inspections (bottom navigation bar).
  2. The Vehicle Inspection page appears.

  3. Tap New Inspection.
  4. For Equipment Setup, under Type, tap the drop-down to select the inspection type: Pre-Trip, Post-Trip, or Ad-Hoc.
  5. Under Equipment, tap the drop-down to select equipment type: Vehicle or Trailer.
  6. Depending on the equipment type selected, the field prompts following dynamically update. For the purposes of this documentation, we are providing the following instructions after selecting Vehicle for our Equipment Type.

  7. Under Vehicle, tap the drop-down to select an asset.
  8. The Select an Asset page appears.

  9. Tap the asset you would like to select for the inspection.
  10. The Form field is automatically updated per your asset selection if an Administrator has linked a specific form to the asset from the DVIR Dashboard.

  11. If the Form is not automatically updated after selecting your asset, use the drop-down to select the form type.
  12. Optional: Under Odometer, enter the odometer value of the asset.
  13. Optional: Under Hour Meter, enter the hour meter value of the asset.
  14. Tap Next.
  15. The Trailer Setup page appears.

  16. If applicable, in the Trailer field, tap + to add a trailer.
  17. Under Trailer, tap the drop-down to select a trailer or you may add a new trailer by tapping + Add Trailer.
  18. If you are adding a new trailer, enter the name and license plate information in the Name and License Plate fields, respectively.
  19. Under Form, tap the drop-down to select a form.
  20. Tap Next.
  21. The Inspection Page appears.

  22. As you are inspecting the vehicle, use the checklist from the Inspection Page to check each item.
    • Tap the checkbox once to pass the item (a green thumbs-up appears).
    • Tap the checkbox twice to fail the item (a red thumbs-down appears) and tap Major or Minor to declare the severity of the defect. Then tap > to enter any notes and/or take a photo or add a photo from your mobile device’s photo gallery. To return to the checklist, tap Done.
    • Tap the checkbox three times to declare the item as Not Applicable (a NA appears).

    You may have the option, depending on your organization’s settings, to tap Pass All to pass all items on the checklist.

  23. Tap Next.
  24. If applicable, the Inspection Page for the selected trailer appears.

  25. Use the instructions above to complete the trailer inspection, then tap Next.
  26. The Result & Sign page appears.

  27. Depending on your inspection, the Inspection Result may be auto-filled. If not, under Inspection Results, tap the drop-down to select the inspection result.
  28. Enter any comments in the Comments field, then use the Signature box to sign your inspection form.
  29. Tap Submit.
  30. A Confirmation pop-up appears asking you to confirm that your inspection has been performed in accordance with applicable requirements.

  31. To confirm, tap Submit.
  32. A pop-up appears asking you to allow the app to use your location.

  33. Tap your selection in response to the request.
  34. The Vehicle Inspection page appears displaying your completed inspection.