ELD Flex Release 3/19/2021

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD Flex iOS and Android users.


  • Enabling State of Emergency or Short Haul exceptions will no longer cause the clock to indicate the driver has millions of hours of available time.
  • The split sleeper check has been corrected to properly recognize unique edge cases.
  • Corrected an issue where changing vehicles would not actually change the vehicle in the user’s data, but would indicate a change in the user interface. This also corrects an issue where the VBUS connection symbol may not appear on a driver’s application.
  • Fixed VBUS connection issues resulting in ‘VBUS Not Configured’ or ‘VBUS Error’ dialogs.
  • Drivers will no longer have issues automatically connecting to vehicles. 

Established parity between Android and iOS enumerations. This corrects a number of known issues: 

  • Switching to vehicles on Android that were previously driven on will no longer display ‘VBUS not configured’ or ‘VBUS Error’ dialogs
  • VBUS device types will no longer appear blank in the edit Equipment dialog after a vehicle is accessed by a driver using an iOS device 
  • VBUS configurations will no longer be affected by iOS access.
  • Added expected available hours & cycle information to the Canadian Operating Zone Change prompt.