ELD Flex Portal & Server Release Notes 4/19/2021

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD with Flex users.

What’s New

Portal & Server Updates


  • Account Settings:
    – Addition of ‘Allow driver ability to change carrier’ option for account with DVIR product only.
  • Equipment Management:
    – Addition of ‘Can Change Cargo’ option upon creating/editing a driver.
    – Addition of the following columns in the Upload CSV Equipment template: Visibility Sets, Connection Type, Device.


  • Addition of ‘generalComments’ field on DVIR Forms API.
  • Drivers Management:
    – Inclusion of specific driver’s username on the error message when adding a driver with a CDL Number that already exists.
  • DVIR Reports:
    – Addition of the ‘DVIR Comment’ column on the DVIR Defect report.
Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Odometer’s unit of distance value is displayed as Miles even though the driver’s unit of distance set in the app is km.
  • Fixed an issue where the duty hours after clearing Personal Use is not being included in grid chart total hours calculation.
  • Fixed an issue where adding Agricultural Exception on a log with existing agricultural events breaks the grid chart.
  • Fixed an issue where the grid chart line is not displaying properly while in Personal Use.
  • Fixed an issue where the previous log’s events won’t display once the previous button is clicked multiple times.


  • DVIR History page
    – Fixed an issue where the ‘Repair Order Number’ and ‘Notes’ entered by the Mechanic does not display on the DVIR PDF.
  • Drivers Management page
    – Fixed an issue where an error has occurred when uploading CSV.
  • HOS Reports page
    – Fixed an issue where the Hours Worked report was not translated to French.
    – Fixed an issue where an error has occurred when generating VBUS Disconnection report.
    – Fixed the issue on the Odometer Jump Report where the ‘Date Time
    After Jump’ is earlier than the ‘Date Time Before Jump.’
    – Fixed an issue in the Hours Worked Report, where the total Hours Worked is incorrect.
  • State Mileage Reports page
    – Fixed an issue where the Exclude Drive Time remark is being included in the calculation when it should not.