Driveri Release 9/8/2021

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

Click the following link for the below release notes with screenshots: Driveri Release Notes – 9-8-2021

What’s New
  1. App will show Wake On Motion (WoM) related connection instructions based on Cut-off Serial number of Driveri.
  2. App will display a note for VIN scan, thus indicating the users to scan only barcode for the VIN.
  3. A Cancel button has been added on timeout screen. This will enable the user to exit the connection process.
  4. Ford E450 Step van mapping has been changed to Class 5 from Class 3 in Vehicle Class Examples pop-up.
  5. The description below Attach Images has been updated to: “Attach images showing Driveri mounted on the windshield with both inward and outward view, VIN Tag with GVWR info, Power connection location, CAN Bus connection, vehicle plate number etc.“
  6. The banner text at the bottom of the page has been updated to “App version” instead of version to highlight App version on each screen.
  7. Clear fields button in Report view has been removed.
  8. Debug and Test Audio Command Options for D-210 product line.