Driveri Release 9/10/2021

Here’s what’s new with Driveri!

What’s New

Support for Ignition-based Privacy Mode
  • Privacy Mode indicates that inward video files (if an inward recording is enabled) will not be stored in the device. Previously, the Privacy Mode was based on vehicle speed. The device entered Privacy Mode when the vehicle speed was 0 MPH for 3 minutes.
  • Now, ignition-based Privacy Mode is introduced. The device enters Privacy Mode when vehicle speed is 0 MPH for 3 minutes or when vehicle ignition is OFF. Privacy Mode is disabled as soon as the vehicle ignition is ON and the vehicle speed reaches 5 MPH or more. The Privacy Mode is enabled or disabled as soon as the required criterion is met, even if it occurs in the same minute. When the Privacy mode is enabled in the middle of a minute, the inward camera video is blacked out for that duration.

This change is applicable only for D-410 devices.

Support to Configure Visual Login System at Vehicle Level
  • Driveri Portal now supports disabling Visual Login System (VLS) at the vehicle level even if VLS is enabled at the Fleet level. 
  • If VLS is disabled at the Fleet level, then users will not be able to enable VLS at the vehicle level. The feature is available for Fleets on the product tier where VLS is enabled.
  • Once VLS is disabled for a vehicle, no visual identification of driver is captured from the device and hence no Driver Assignment can be made based on driver images.
Wake On Motion (WoM)

WoM is a new feature offered in the D-210, that enables the device to wake up based on inertial sensor activity triggered by vibration/motion. So, any movement or shake induced by say, opening or closing the door of the vehicle, will initiate the D-210 to start powering up.

This will help with Easy installs by avoiding the connection to Ignition line. This document will describe the installation experience change during the installation time, on both device and the installer app.

Installation experience for new factory release

  • WoM is enabled by default in factory OS_v_10.5.7 + 2.5.8.rc.1

Installer App release overview

  • Installer App version 5.8 will check the device ID and if the device ID is >= 264014500, this device will be WoM enabled, and all devices with device ID < 264014500 are WoM disabled (addresses installs of older D-210 inventory)

Installer app experience
Complete the following steps to establish a connection between D-210 and the Installer App:

  1. Launch the Installer App and initiate installer scan
  2. Scan the QR code on D-210 device
  3. App will identify D-210 installation mode from device ID (if WoM is supported or not)
  4. Based on the scanned information, the Installer app will app will show instruction to user as shown below

For WOM based D-210

  1. Turn the device ON by tapping on the device (if it is not powered on already due to open/closing of the door)
  2. Wait for both left and right LEDs to turn ON
  3. User must press and hold the driver initiated alert buttons for 10+ seconds. The left side LED will start flashing BLUE for a few seconds to indicate the start of Installer App scan. Hard reboot is also an option if the installer has issues with the long press of the alert button.
  4. After LED starts blinking blue on the D-210, tap on “Yes, left-led is blinking blue” button on the Installer App
  5. Wait for D-210 to detect Installer app and follow in-app instructions.

For non-WoM Device Installation

  1. Turn the vehicle ignition ON
  2. If ignition was already ON, turn it OFF and then turn it ON again
  3. Toggling the ignition makes D-210 initiate Installer scan (typical scan window is 30-40s)
  4. Tap on “Yes, turned ON vehicle ignition” button
  5. Wait for D-210 to detect Installer app and follow in-app instructions