Driveri Release 8/23/2021

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New

Restricted Hours Driving Report

The Restricted Hours Driving Report is now available on the Reports Central page.

This report displays details about vehicle movement during restricted hours, as configured by the fleet. Users will now be able to request and subscribe to this report. Weekly reports are delivered at 9 AM on Tuesdays, and monthly reports are delivered at 9 AM on the third day of the month.

UI Changes on Device Summary Page

The status for devices that have not been responding for some time has been enhanced to indicate more meaningful information and make it self-explanatory. 

The following changes are incorporated on the Provisioning & Configurations > Device Summary page:

  • Device Health status “Attention Required” is renamed to “Device With No Response.”
  • Device Health status “Monitoring Suspended” is renamed to “Vehicle Not In Service.”
  • Action on the device “No Action Required Until” is renamed to “Vehicle Not Being Driven Until” for devices with “Device With No Response“ health status.
  • Action on the device “Start Monitoring” is renamed to “Vehicle is in Service Now” for devices with “Vehicle Not In Service” health status.
  • Last Response Time/Location is now moved to the right of the Device Health column so that the last responded time can be easily referred to.
  • Devices with “Vehicle Not In Service” health status are now shown with a blue dot instead of the green dot shown earlier.

The following reports under Reports Central also reflect the device health status changes described above: 

  • Device Health Report
  • Active Vehicle Device Association Report
  • Active Devices Report