Driveri Release 11/13/2020

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

Converting an Event Access Video

Have you ever wanted to share a video requested from Event Access with a driver? Well, now you can! We have introduced a new feature that makes it possible to convert a requested video to an alert. Once it’s converted, the video can be used as any other alert, to share with a driver or add to a coaching session, for example. Since the video is formatted as an alert, you will also see all the views that were available in the requested video.

To convert an event access video:

  1. Open the desired clip, then click the link in the lower right corner.
  2. You can view the converted alert from the event access page or from the alert and driver pages by clicking the icon shown in the above alert card.

The Requested Video alert is one of many available alerts to help identify driver behavior or specific incidents.

To learn more about the various types of alerts and sub-alerts, visit: Driveri: Alert Types.

Alert Groups

Alert Groups have been added to the Driveri portal to make it easier to view and select related alerts, while also adding another level of visibility to driver and fleet performance. Initially, three groups, Advisory, Sign/Signal Violations & Harsh Handling, will be visible on the dashboard, driver’s page, and alert page. The alerts in each group include:

  • Advisory – High G and Driver Initiated
  • Sign/Signal Violations – Traffic Light Violations, Sign Violations, and U-Turns
  • Harsh Handling – Hard Braking, hard Turns, and Hard Acceleration

The remaining alerts will be listed under Individual Alerts with an emphasis placed on Driver Distraction, Following Distance, and Speeding alerts.