Driveri Release 1/10/2022

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New


Audio Recording on Vehicle made Regular from Beta

  • The Audio Recording feature is made regular from the previous Beta status, at both Fleet level (Provisioning & Configurations > Configurations > Camera Settings) and Vehicle level (Provisioning & Configurations > Vehicles > Configurations). The feature can be configured by users having the appropriate roles.

Enhancements to Vehicle locator / Live Tracking Pages

  • Fleets with many vehicles were finding it difficult to track or locate the vehicles on the Vehicle Locator and Live Tracking pages because the vehicle numbers displayed next to the vehicle icons could overlap and cover large areas of the map.
  • The pages now cluster vehicles based on their location and the zoom level of the map. As the user zooms in, the clusters open to display vehicle locations with vehicle numbers. This improves the user experience on these pages.