Driveri Release 1/5/2022

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New


Time of Oldest Video on Vehicle Displayed on Event Access Page

  • The Event Access > Create New Request page now displays the time of the oldest video available on the vehicle selected by the user.

Camera Obstruction Alert Enhanced with New Alert Subtype

  • The Camera Obstruction Alert has been improved to have new subtypes, such as “Inward Complete – Bad Mount” and “Inward Complete – Bad FOV”. These moderate alert subtypes are raised when a perceived obstruction of the inward camera is caused by a hardware issue, such as improper installation of the camera, improper tilt of the camera, or other hardware issues that result in the driver not being properly detected.

Introduction of Unassigned Drive Time Report in Reports Central

  • The Unassigned Drive Time Report is now available on the Reports Central page. This report displays details about the unassigned drive time for all vehicles in the Fleet.

Reports Central – Support for Selecting Current Durations

  • Reports Central now allows users to request reports for current durations, such as today, current week, and current month. Previously, users could select only durations, such as yesterday, last week, or last month.

Calendar added to few pages on Portal

  • A Calendar is added to the following pages on the Portal to enable the user to select dates easily:
    – Dashboard
    – Executive Summary Report
    – Driver Report
    – Driver Score Chart