Driveri Release 2/14/2022

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New


Reports Central – Groups field added to all Reports
The Groups field was earlier available only for a few reports in Reports Central. With the introduction of the Vehicles in Groups feature, there was a requirement to include Group information in all reports so that users can access group-focused information. The Groups field is now available in the following reports:

  • Managed Coaching Sessions Report
  • Driver Status Report
  • Device Health Report
  • Active Vehicle Device Association Report
  • Active Devices Report
  • Restricted Hours Driving Report
  • Unassigned Drive Time Report

Railroad Crossing Alert made Regular from Beta

  • The Railroad Crossing Alert is made Regular from the previous Beta status. This Alert will be enabled for a Fleet on request. Please coordinate with your account manager to enable this Alert.
  • This Alert has no impact on the GreenZone Score. The impact of this Alert on GreenZone Score will be supported in future releases.