Verify GPS Web App Guide

With the GPS Insight Verify App, you no longer have to call in to verify most installations. The application allows you to quickly verify the installation and register the device for immediate viewing within the portal.

Before You Begin the Verification Process

  • Visit and bookmark the webpage to your Smart Phone or Computer.
  • Acquire the Install Key from your GPS Administrator.
  • Power-up the GPS device for at least two minutes before you begin.

Understanding App Terms

Terms and Symbols Description
Install Key A unique numerical key specific to the customer and requirement for verification. If you do not have this key, please contact Technical Support Team for assistance.
Serial Number This is ESN is found on the device sticker. It can be scanned or manually entered on all devices but the TT and ST series devices; see those installation guides for proper serial number deciphering. If scanned, verify the number is correct before proceeding.
Device Type Or Device Name, typically found on the device stickering. Secondary type within device type refers to the vehicle connection method.
Device Accessories Purchased accessories; DriverID and Input connections.
(*) Indicates a required field to be populated in order to proceed in the app.
Install Guides This is a link that will bring you directly to all Installation Guides in the GPS Insight Help Center
Back Taping the Back button will bring you back to the home/start screen.

Verifying Your Installation

  1. 1. Enter Device Specifics.

    1. Scan or Enter the device Serial Number.
    2. Select the device type you’re installing.
      • If applicable, select any installed Accessories (DriverID or Inpts).
    3. Tap ’Next.’

    The ‘Install Key’ and ‘Device Type’ fields are automated so you will not have to reenter this information when doing numerous installations. If change is needed, simply click on the field and make any edits needed.

  2. 2. Verify Ignition.

    Ignition verification will confirm the device has either received a diagnostic, or in hardware scenarios, a signal that the vehicle/assets ignition is On, and will also check to ensure the device is positioned correctly by checking for the appropriate number of satellites.

    1. Most device types will then require you to turn the vehicle ignition On.
    2. After the vehicle is On and the engine running, Tap the ‘Test’ button.

    If your installation type is Conventional Hardwire, you will also be asked to test while the key is in the Accessory position.

  3. 3. Verify Accessories.

    Accessories are items which are connected to the GPS device to provide additional feature reporting. Specific checks applicable to the accessories selected will be done to ensure they are properly wired.=.

    Driver ID:

    1. Hold the Key Fob flat against the reader.
    2. Slide up so the Key Fob touches the Reader ring for at least one second.
    3. Remove Key Fob from Reader.
    4. Tap ‘Test.’


    1. Select the inputs connected and Tap ‘Confirm.’
    2. Turn On the wired accessory and Tap ‘Test.’
    3. Turn Off the accessory and Tap ‘Test.’

  4. 4. Device Registration.

    After device install verification, the registration page will immediately pop up. A number of fields are required and marked with an asterisk, while others are optional. To provide the most insight into the completed installation, it’s best to populate all fields.

    1. Enter the information in all required fields.

      There is an option to scan the VIN. When scanned or entered manually, and the ‘Decode’ button is pressed, valid VIN’s will automatically populate the Vehicle Year, Make, Model and Engine Size (L) fields.

    2. Tap ‘Submit.’

      Installer Name, Install Company and Email are auto-saved fields so once entered, they should be populated during your next installation.

    3. Internal processing may take up to 30 seconds before receiving confirmation indicating ‘Registration Successful!’
    4. Tap ‘OK’ to return to the home screen.
    5. If you entered an email, it should arrive to the mailbox within one minute and contain all entered registration information.

    The ST-600, ST-1100, ST-1200, and TT-2200 are all devices that cannot be verified at the time of install. These Device Type selections will direct you to registration.