Using the GPS Insight Route Optimizer Beta Menu

Use the GPS Insight Route Optimizer Beta Menu to create and manage your optimized routes. Additionally, you may import or export spreadsheets in .xlxs format.

Primary Features

The following features are available:

Number Feature Description
1 Username Displays the username associated with the account.
2 Edit Click this button to change your password.

Click Save after making any adjustments to save your changes.

3 Logout Click this button to log out of the GPS Insight Route Optimizer.

Save any changes/work to your route before clicking this button or your work will be lost.

4 Command Options Use these commands to manage your routes.

– Click this button to create a new route.

– Click this button to import a spreadsheet from your desktop. (See Importing a File below for instructions.)

– Click this button to export your current workbook in .csv format to your desktop.

– Click this button to save your current route and/or any changes made to the Workbook Interface.

– Click this button to save a route under a new name.

– Click this button to delete a route.
5 Choose a Route Use this drop-down window to select a previously saved route.

GPS Insight has provided 4 example routes (as reflected below), which are located in this window.

6 Optimize Click this button to run the optimization algorithm on your current route.
7 Per-Vehicle Routes List of current per-vehicle routes for the selected route optimization. This view includes the number of visits (stop locations) for each vehicle entered in the Workbook Interface.

This list is only available after you have clicked Optimize on a route. Otherwise, you are provided with basic directions on how to optimize a route in this section.

You may click the link icon next to the vehicle name, , to open a new browser tab with the vehicle's route overview.

The URL in the new browser tab can be copied and pasted to send to a driver, dispatcher, or other personnel. The person receiving the URL will NOT need valid credentials to view the received route overview.

8 Previous Optimizations List of previously run optimizations of the selected route. Click on a date/time to view the previously run optimization.

Previously run optimizations cannot be deleted and will show full history of optimizations for the selected route.

9 Spreadsheet Template Click on the link to download a template (.xlsx file) of the Workbook Interface to your desktop.
10 Help and Feedback Links Click on the Help link to view instructional documentation on using the GPS Insight Route Optimizer Beta.

Click on the Feedback link to send an email to us with your feedback/suggestions.

Importing/Exporting Files

Increase efficiency by importing and exporting .xlsx files to and from the GPS Insight Route Optimizer to perform batch data transmissions instead of entering your data manually in the Workbook Interface.

Importing a File

To import a file you must use the Spreadsheet Template provided in the GPS Insight Route Optimizer Menu (see Available Features above).

If you attempt to import a file that is not an edited version of the Spreadsheet Template, you will receive the following error message:

How to Import a File:

  1. Click the Import command option button, .
  2. The Choose File button appears.

  3. Click Choose Files.
  4. The Files Explorer window appears.

  5. Browse to the location where you saved the edited Spreadsheet Template file for import, and double-click on the file or click Open.
  6. The file loads to the GPS Insight Route Optimizer and displays the imported file data.

  7. Click the Save command option button to save your route.

    If you do not save your imported file and you leave the route page, you will lose your imported route data and will have to import it again.

Exporting a File

How to Export a File:

  1. Select the route you would like to export in the Choose a Route drop-down window.
  2. Click on the link of the previous optimization (under Previous Optimizations) you would like to export or you click Optimize.
  3. Click the Export command option button, .
  4. The route is exported as a .xlsx file to your desktop.

Viewing a Previous Optimization

Based on the results of optimizing a route, you may make changes in the Workbook Interface and follow the above instructions (See Optimizing a Route with the GPS Insight Route Optimizer Beta) to re-run the optimization algorithm. You can return to any previously run optimization at any time from the GPS Insight Optimizer Beta Menu.

How to View a Previous Optimization:

  1. From the GPS Insight Optimizer Beta Menu under Previous Optimizations, click on the date/time link of the previous optimization that you would like to view.
  2. The previously optimized route loads and is displayed in your browser window.

The previous optimization that you are currently viewing is displayed in black and is not in link format while you are actively viewing the optimization.