Using Metrics Reports

Metrics Reports is a special dashboard that is specific to custom metrics. It allows you to view summary, detail, and trend data about an existing custom metric using various charts and tables.

Adding a Custom Metric

Metrics refers to individual Custom Metrics, Metric Scorecards, and Metrics Reports. This video provides an introduction to metrics by starting with individual custom metrics. The Manage Custom Metrics page allows you to add custom metrics and active scoring tools, backfill metric data, and make metrics available for reports and dashlets. Keep in mind, metrics are…

Configuring a Metrics Scorecard

A metrics scorecard is a special type of metric in that it typically contains a collection of other metrics/scores. The configuration tool allows you to experiment with weights and thresholds for each metric that will contribute to the total score, allowing you to visualize how your point system affects your fleet data before generating the…

Best Practices

Scorecard Planning

If you’ve never used a vehicle scorecard before, it may help to plot out your metric goals before diving head first into custom metric scorecards. Make sure they align with your fleet management goals/KPIs, and driver policy. Use the following table as a guideline for planning purposes. Use the PDF icon above to print. One…

Deep Dives

How do I create a safety scorecard?

Question: Custom metrics has so many options that I am not sure where to start. Do you offer a template for a simple scorecard that focuses on basic safety goals that are common to almost any type of fleet? Custom vehicle metrics is very powerful because it allows you to determine what key performance indicators…