ELD Flex Release 12/8/2021

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD Flex iOS and Android users.

What’s New

  • Implementation of DVIR 3rd signature and enhancement of user interface and experience
  • DVIR PDF – When a driver uses any Canada cycle, the sub-title will be ‘AS REQUIRED BY THE CCMTA’ in EN mode, which will be translated to ‘REQUIS PAR LE CCMTA’ in FR mode
  • Edit Logs screen/Roadside Inspection screen/Certified Driver’s Daily Logs PDF – Displaying seconds on the total hours per duty status at the right of the Grid Chart to have an exact total of 24hrs

    To display the seconds, navigate to Settings > Hours of Services Preferences > Other section and enable the Display Time With Seconds option

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the driver status was not updating to Off Duty in the portal>Drivers page when ‘Go Off Duty’ was checked upon logout from the app
  • Fixed an issue where future auto driving was not being counted due to the Exclude Drive Time ending in year 4001
  • Removal of the word ‘exception’ on the AddedException and RemovedException note
  • Fixed an issue where exempt drivers cannot add manual driving without VBUS connection
  • Fixed an issue where 24 Hour Restart exception was not working


  • Fixed an issue where an invalid 16-hour violation was occurring in Canada cycle
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid 2-hour violation was occurring in Alberta cycle
  • DVIR screen – Fixed an issue where the Odometer Offset was not being included upon inspection
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Assuming Role as Active Driver’ remark was showing in the driver’s log despite not having a co-driver
  • Fixed an issue where the Driver’s Timezone was displaying back to Hawaii even if the Driver’s Timezone was set to Atlantic or Canada New Foundland
  • Driver Logs drawer – Fixed an issue where editing Shipping Docs from the previous days was being saved on the current day
  • Fixed an issue where the time remaining on the Lock screen did not match with the hours displayed on the Time Remaining dialog
  • Fixed an issue where some of the texts on the Settings and Help & Support screens were not translated to French
  • Fixed an issue where the DVIRs were not being displayed on the Logs drawer and DVIR History screen once the driver switched vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the FMCSA Data Transfer was failing when language was set to French due to periods were converted to semi-colon