ELD Flex Portal & Server Release 11/8/2021

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD with Flex users.

What’s New

  • DVIR > Reports page: Addition of pagination on the DVIR dialog
  • HOS Reports page: Addition of Data Transfer Audit button which is available only for resellers account. Clicking this button will prompt the Data Transfer Audit dialog displaying the following options:
    – Accounts filter showing ‘All Accounts’ by default
    – Date Range option, default to 1 week
    – Document Type radio button, default to PDF
    – Clicking the Export button will generate the Data Transfer Audit report showing the following information grouped by Account Name:
    • Date/Time
    • Requester
    • Device Combination
    • ELD Identifier
    • Registration ID
    • Submission ID
    • Status
    • Origin
    • Sent To
    • Method
  • Account Settings page > VBUS Devices tab: Ability to add Registration Ids for both Android and iOS upon enabling a VBUS device and enhancement of user interface/experience on the VBUS Devices list.
    – Viewable only for non-reseller account
    – Admin Users created under a top-level reseller account can enable/disable a vbus device.
    – When a vbus is enabled/disabled under a top-level reseller’s account, it should be inherited to all sub-accounts
    – Enabling a vbus device will prompt the ‘Registration IDs’ dialog displaying the Android and iOS fields with the default values for the specific account properties for Registration Ids. Clicking the ‘Test’ button will validate the entered Registration Ids
    – Admin users can also edit the Registration Ids by clicking the ‘Pen’ icon of the enabled vbus device
  • DVIR History page > DVIR PDF: When a driver uses any Canada cycle, the sub-title will be ‘AS REQUIRED BY THE CCMTA’ in EN mode, which will be translated to ‘REQUIS PAR LE CCMTA’ in FR mode
Bug Fixes
  • Logs page:
    – Replacing all instances of ‘Uncertify’ with ‘Decertify’
  • HOS Reports page:
    – Fixed where the Invalid Data report was showing ‘Sample Logo’ instead of the uploaded logo from the Branding page
  • Data Transfer page:
    – Fixed an issue where the Data Transfer was failing for days with no driverDailies
    – Fixed an issue where an error occurred when performing Data Transfer on days with no duty events
    – Fixed an issue where the Data Transfer was failing due to invalid Registration ID