Driveri D-210

We are introducing the new Driveri D-210 device that records videos and raises alerts for traffic violations, thereby promoting safe driving behavior.

Driveri D-210 Camera

DriveriĀ® D-210 is a dual-camera system with both inward and outward cameras supporting high-quality video recording and real-time event playback.


Camera: The Outward and Inward cameras record at 1080p. The videos can be stored in internal storage. The videos and the associated metadata files are encrypted to ensure security.

Driver Initiated Alerts: The device has a Driver Alert Button to ensure Driver safety. Drivers can press the button to generate the alert and inform their managers about any adverse scenario while driving. Thus, it serves as an SOS button to inform of any emergencies.

Privacy Mode: The LEDs on the device towards the Driver indicates the current state of the device and specify the Privacy settings. Privacy Mode indicates that Inward video files (if an inward recording is enabled) will not be stored in the device. The video file cannot be retrieved. This feature is to respect the personal space of the Driver when the vehicle is not being driven or is idle.

Wireless/Connectivity: The device provides support for recording GPS Positions, LTE Based Connectivity, Bluetooth Based Connectivity, and Wi-Fi Based Connectivity. The device enables Cloud-Based retrieval of videos on request.

Installation Support: The support for Installer App (Android and iOS) is available. Installer App adds a significant improvement in the time taken to install the device. Support will also be provided during the Hardware installation.

Security Enhancements: The content available in the device, such as Video, is stored in an encrypted format, thus making it less vulnerable to external agencies. The IoT interface with cloud is also over an encrypted channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Driveri FAQ for your questions.