How Do I Know My Videos Are Safe?

The security and confidentiality of your videos are a priority. Please review the below details to understand how your videos are handled to ensure data privacy and confidentiality standards are met.

Video Management

  • Videos are never shared via email or any other communication channel.
  • Requested videos are available in your Portal account only for download.
  • We do not provide assistance or any recommendations on any software programs used to modify, edit or trim a requested video in any way.
  • GPS Insight employees are not permitted to view customer requested incident videos, they are only permitted to view non-incident videos when the purpose is to troubleshoot video quality and/or camera alignment.
  • You can request any sensitive and/or disturbing videos* to be “quarantined”, which removes the video from the Portal but keeps it saved on the server, limiting viewership within the account.

*When subscribing to in-cab camera services there is always the potential for an incident to occur that can trigger a video that is otherwise disturbing or sensitive in nature. If an Admin user comes across such a video they can always notify us and request that the video be “quarantined”, which effectively removes the video from the account but keeps it available on the server if needed. This would limit the number of people who could potentially see the video and allows the Admin user to manage the response effectively and efficiently.