Viewing Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent through a marketing service, which is different than many of the other emails we send on behalf of support. Because of this change, you may not receive a welcome email, or it may end up in the spam/junk folder.

Not Seeing Welcome Emails?

If you do not see the welcome email in your spam or junk folders, contact your IT Team to ask them to “whitelist DKIM signed messages from and” If you are still unable to receive welcome emails, then your IT team can whitelist the following IP ranges:


Welcome Email Workaround

Use the following workaround until your IT Team completes the whitelisting.

  1. Navigate to, and click the Forgot Password link.
  2. Enter your username and click Send Code.
  3. Using the portal login page sends the password reset email through different services to allow you to view the welcome email.