Portal Login Update 8/10/2021

This announcement for Basic, Standard, and Enterprise customers includes updates for the Portal.


Portal Password Changes

If you have a new portal account or you are updating your password, the following changes have been made regarding password requirements.

Passwords must now include:

  • (1) Upper case letter
  • (1) Lower case letter
  • (1) Digit(s)
  • (1) Special-Character(s)
  • A minimum length of 7 characters


For new portal accounts:

When the Welcome Email is sent, a random password will be generated. The generated password is 20 characters long, and we recommend you copy/paste that password when logging in.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to reset it. When resetting your password, be sure to enter your new password with the requirements mentioned above.

Existing passwords will not be impacted by this change until you update or have to reset your password.