Completing the Settings Tab

Enter your settings in the Settings Tab to adjust the route optimization to match your preferences.

Available Settings Tab Columns

Available columns are as follows (from left to right in the above image):

  • Route Start Time
  • Gas Price
  • Timezone

Entering Settings

How to Enter Settings:

  1. In the Settings Tab, click the arrow for the drop-down window under the Route Start Time column in Row 1.

    If unknown or you do not have a specific start time for your route, you may leave this cell blank and the current time will be used.

  2. A calendar appears.

  3. Click on the date for your route start.
  4. The cell populates with the selected date.

  5. Double-click in the cell with your cursor after the last “0,” and press Back on your keyboard and then enter in your time window (in HH:MM:SS) for the route start time.

    Use 24-Hour Clock times (e.g., 17:00:00 for 5:00 pm)

  6. Press the Tab key on your keyboard, or click the cell under the Gas Price column in Row 1, and enter in the estimated current cost of gas per gallon (e.g., $3.09).<

    You must enter the estimated current cost of gas to ensure that the Forecasted Route Profit/Cost for your optimized route is as accurate as possible.

  7. The Timezone setting automatically populates with the timezone set on your desktop. If you would like to change the timezone setting, click the arrow for the drop-down window under the Timezone column in Row 1.