ELD Flex Portal & Server Update 11/16/2020 at 11:00PM CDT

This Release Notes announcement is for ELD with Flex users.

We’ll be having the ELD Flex Portal and Server Release on 11/16/2020 at 11:00 PM CDT. Please be advised that the system will be down for about 1 hour.

During the deployment period, drivers should choose the ‘Log in Without Sync’ option and continue to use the application as a paper logbook. This will allow the application to continue to collect engine information which can be uploaded to the server when it returns to service. This may require them to briefly set their mobile device to ‘airplane mode’ for the login process depending on their device configuration.

Administrators will not be able to use the portal during the deployment.

What’s New

Portal and Server Updates


  • Logs page
    – Addition of an “M” indicator for manually entered odometer on the Odometer column
  • HOS Reports
    – Changing the report title of “Rejected Edits” to “Edit Status”
    – Edit Status Report: Addition of “Pending”, “Rejected”, “Accepted”, and “All” filters
    – Document report: Addition of “Invoice” and “Proof of Correction” document types
  • Settings
    – DVIR Form page: Removal of Edit Form and Remove Form buttons and replacing it with View Form button on Default DVIR Forms only


  • Certified Logs report
    – Addition of Number of Uncertified and Last Certified Date information
  • Driver Logs report
    – Addition of Co-Driver column with name and email address information
    – Addition of Latitude and Longitude columns
    – Addition of Equipment ID column
  • Edit Logs report
    – Addition of Old Value information
    – Including information based on “Pending”, “Rejected”, “Accepted”, or “All” set report filter
Bug Fixes

  • Logs Page – Fixed the issue where the Personal Conveyance is not being removed even when it was already cleared the previous day.
  • Raw Punch Report – Fixed the issue on reports where the DST time zone is not applied when the selected start date range is not a DST date.
  • Fixed the issue on the Fuel Receipts page where the CSV upload message was incomprehensible
  • Fixes the issue where the Default User Preferences were missing for newly created drivers