Driveri Release 7/15/2021

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

Driveri Portal – Search by Location & Smart View
  • Search by Location on Event Access Page: By selecting Event Access and then Create a New Request in the Driveri Portal, an option to Search by Location is available for users to search for vehicles based on location and time.
  • Introducing Smart View of Alerts: A Smart View feature is now available on the All Alerts and Driver Details pages. This feature allows users to view Alert Cards grouped by alert types. Users can sort alerts based on relevance or alert count per alert type. The Most Frequent Drivers for each of the alert types are also shown. Users can switch between Smart View and Extended View (default).

Introduction of Compound Alerts – Beta

When certain alerts occur close together, there is a significant increase in risk. A Compound Alert is raised to identify such occurrences.  A Compound Alert is a combination of two Base Alerts that occurred closely together in the same minute.  The Compound Alert “Driver Distracted + Following Distance” is now available on the Driveri Portal, with other compound alerts to follow. This feature is currently Beta.

Driver Distracted + Following Distance

When the driver was distracted for more than a few seconds (Talking on Phone, Looking at Phone, or Looking Down) and did not maintain a safe distance with the next vehicle ahead.

Introduction of New Auditor Role

A new user role named “Auditor” is now available to all Driveri customers. Users with this role can view, request, and share alerts/videos, as well as view alert-related statistics. Only the Tenant Super User and Safety Manager roles can create users with the Auditor role.

The Auditor role can perform the following tasks:

  • Request/Download Trimmed Videos
  • Share Videos with Third Parties
  • Request Event Access Videos
  • Request and View Alerts and Alert Videos
  • View Driving Statistics