Driveri Release 5/16/2022

Here’s what’s new for Driveri!

What’s New

Portal Updates

Introduction of Collision Alerts
A new Dashboard Alert, “Collision” is now available on the Alerts page under the Advisory category. Alerts will start to appear under the Collision alert type from May 19, 2022 onwards. The Collision Alert detects high and moderate G-force collisions and replaces the Potential Accident subtype under High-G Alert.

  • Severe: Includes collision events with an impact above the High G threshold (3.0007g).
  • Moderate: Includes collision events with an impact between Moderate and High G thresholds (1.427g to 3.0007g).

Introduction of Device Installation Report
The Device Installation Report is available on the Reports Central page. This report displays details about devices installed on vehicles in the Fleet and diagnostics data for the selected duration.

Access to Installation Guide Help Center from Portal
Users can click the Installation Guide link on the navigation bar of the Portal to be redirected to the new Installation Guide Help Center. This Help Center includes device installation information that is specific to the United States, European Union, and APAC regions.

Vehicle VIN displayed in Portal
The Vehicle VIN along with Vehicle Number is now displayed in the following areas of the Portal:

  • Alert Card
  • Alert Video Player
  • Event Access page (Requested Videos and Alerts Videos tabs)
  • Event Access page > Create a New Request (List View)
  • VIN number on alert card and related reports